1. Rules

1.1 These rules are designed in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "Consumer protection law” and regulate the relations between the participants of the races and PJSC “Simbirskoe Koltso” , hereinafter referred to as "Contractor ".

1.2 In these Rules “ A participant” means a private person operating Contractor's carts on the Contractor's track.

1.3 These rules are an integral part of the agreement between the Participants and the Contractor for cart renting and using it on the Contractor's track (hereinafter referred to as the "Services")

This contract is concluded by selling the Participant ticket or cash receipt evidencing payment of the above services by the Customer. This ticket is not transferable to other persons without compulsory reference of these individuals with these Rules.

1.4 Participant's Payment for the Services indicates that the Participant is familiar with these rules and yields to their terms and conditions in full.

1.5 Contractor carries the right not to let to the ride intocsicated persons or in other cases (without explaning the reasons of the service denial).

The participant who received a service denial in accordance with this point of the Rules, has the right for a ticket refund.

1.6 Children under 14 are admitted to the track only with the permission of their parents or close relatives who are fully responsible for the child's actions on the track and confirm their agreement in writing.

1.7 These rules should be in a public place, where anyone can have unimpeded access to read through.

2. The procedure for the provision of services

2.1. Contractor provides rental services after the full payment by the Participant for the Services according to the current pricelist.

2.2. The Contractor shall:

2.2.1 The contractor shall insruct the participant on the safety and behaviour rules before a ride excluding ambiguety.

2.2.2. Before a ride the Contractor shell give the participant a helmet with a helmet lining and gloves, and, if a participant wants an overall and shoes in proper condition i. e. witout any external deffects.

2.2.3. The contractor shall provide a participant (who has had the instruction (2.2.1.) and got the gear (2.2.2.) with a cart which conforms to the specifications required for its operation on the track during the prepayed time i. e. having serviceable steering, chassis, brakes and engine.

2.2.4. In the event of a cart breakdown durind a ride (through no fault of a participant , see P. 3.5.12 hereof) the contractor shell provide him with a spare cart, and in case of failing to provide a place in a ride, the Contractor shall give a place in another ride.

2.2.5. In the operation of a cart by a participant, the contractor shell provide traffic control for immediate regulation, which is necessary for safe cart riding on the track.

2.3 The participant agrees:

2.3.1 2.3.1. Before Payment for services is required to read through with these rules.

2.3.2. Register your ticket in a queue at the reception (judging tower).

2.3.3. Before the start of a ride a participant must listen carefully to instructions. If there are any questions on the Rules of behavior on the road and safety, the participant must ask the Contractor's employees for further explanations.

Confirm the fact of passing the oral instruction, personal signature on the ticket.

The participant must sign to confirm that he has been given oral instruction.

2.3.4. The participant shall not take in operation a safety helmet and carts that do not satisfy the requirements  of paragraphs. 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 of this Regulation.

2.3.5. During the ride the participant shall fulfill the requirements of this Regulation.

3. Safety and behavior on the track

3.1. Participation in the race

3.1.1. Pregnant women and intoxicated people are not allowed to take part in the rides.

3.1.2. It is not recommended to participate in races for persons suffering from chronic diseases, disorders of the cardiovascular system, problems with the musculoskeletal system having unhealed trauma.

3.2. Clothes and equipment

3.2.1 The participant is allowed for a ride only in protective helmet and balaclava.

3.2.2 The participant's hair must not get out from under the helmet

3.2.3. The Participant must remove from the pockets of his clothing any hard or sharp objects.

3.2.4. The participant must tie the shoelaces before a rid He should also check that no other piece of clothing (scarves, belts and so on) can get into moving parts of the cart and cause dangerous situations.

3.3. The Track

3.3.1. Visitors not participating in the race, are allowed to be out of the track on the podium or in the cafe area of the carting center.

3.3.2. Visitors should not be in the area of the pit stop during the race without permission of the staff of the track.

3.3.3. Participants can take the place in the cards only in between races, after stopping of all the carts and only with the permission of the staff of the track.

3.4. Flag signaling

3.4.1. Green Flag - Start of a ride.

3.4.2. Yellow flag - danger on the track, an obstacle on the way - you must reduce your speed to a speed close to a complete stop.

3.4.3. Red flag - all carts must stop.

3.4.4. Checkered Flag - the end of a ride - all participants must finish the circle and stop in the pits at a speed close to a complete stop.

3.4.5. Black Flag - removal from the ride of one particular participant, who broke the rules of the carting center.

3.4.6. Blue Flag — A participant of a ride must should give way to the cards moving behind .

3.5. During a ride

3.5.1. Getting in or out of a cart in the area of the pit stop is carried out only with the permission of the staff of the track.

3.5.2. Persons participating in the race for the first time, must inform a person from the staff of the track before a ride.

3.5.3. It is forbidden to touch any parts of the engine.

3.5.4. It is forbidden to touch the wheels.

3.5.5.It is forbidden to get up from the cart and remove the protective gear during a ride.

3.5.6. It is forbidden to press the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time.

3.5.7. If the card during the race is not able to continue the movement it is prohibited to take any independent attempts to continue the movement. You must raise your hand up and wait for help from employees of the track.

3.5.8. During a ride it is not permitted to remove your hands from the steering wheel and your feet from the pedals.

3.5.9. Movement on the track is permited only in one direction (counterclockwise). Deliberate collision with other participants and / or fence and creation of other emergencies that may cause injuries of other players, damage to property of other Participants and the Contractor.

3.5.10. You must strictly follow all the commands given by the staff of the track with the help of flag signaling, as well as all other oral instructions of the staff.

3.5.11. At the end of a ride when the red traffic signal is on and the checkered flag signal is given, you have to slow down and go to a pit stop at a speed close to a complete stop. , avoiding collisions with guardrails and standing cards.

3.5.12. In case of a breakdown of a cart due to the fault of the Participant(i. e. as a result of violations of Nos. 3.5.1, 3.5.3, 3.5.6, 3.5.8, 3.5.9, 3.5.10, 3.5.11 hereof) a spare cards is not provided, and the money paid for the ticket, is not payed back.

In case of  failure to comply with the rules, the Contractor shell not bear responsibility for the safety of Participants.

For violation of any of the paragraphs of this Regulation, the Contractor reserves the right to either not to allow any participant to the races, or to withdraw from the route the Participant, who broke the rules. In this case the money paid for the ticket is not payed back.

The decision on the non-admittionfor a ride or withdrawing from the route is accepted by the staff members, who are empowered to do this by the Contractor.